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Calgary's Trusted Sheet Metal Shop

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  • Quality Metalwork

  • Custom Metalwork

  • HVAC Supplier

  • Metal Artwork

  • Firepits & More


Your Custom Sheet Metal Supplier in Calgary

Experience the advantages of high-quality custom sheet metal fabrication and premier services with Rosedale Sheet Metal. As the leading sheet metal supplier in Calgary, we can create your custom products to your exact requirements and needs in a timely manner. Efficient, cost-effective and resourceful, we pride ourselves on the products made with quality material, craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. We’re Calgary's one stop shop for metal needs - and we’re ready to be yours!

sheet metal fabrication calgary

Our Calgary Sheet Metal Supplier Services

sheet metal fabrication calgary

Sheet Metal Supplies

From specific HVAC products for contractors to workshop tabletops. We manage, design and build a wide range of sheet metal products, using various types of metal. With our experience and knowledge, we can help you with your metal work. 

sheet metal suppliers calgary

HVAC Products

As a trusted HVAC supplier, we pride ourselves on providing high quality products. We believing that quality HVAC supplies lead to a quality end product. Our team members will provide solutions to any of your HVAC questions.

sheet metal suppliers calgary

Custom Metal Work

We have tackled many projects and have been doing custom sheet metal fabrication for over 20 years. Whether you're looking for kickplates, fenders, custom grills or more, let us help you bring your metal project to life.

stainless steel sheet metal calgary

RSM Artwork

Our shop has fabricated many artwork projects over the years. Whether you're looking for a firepit, personalized signs, gates or more, we love to help with your artwork project. Check out our completed RSM Artwork projects for inspiration.

stainless steel sheet metal calgaryr%E2%84%A2%20(2)_edited.jpg


Our patented R-Corner® is a unique HVAC product that offers many benefits. We invented it to close flanged ends on fittings and make a  strong, reinforced product. It is available in various sizes to fit your project.

Customer committed

Our number one priority is to ensure our customers receive top notch customer service. We strive to have every customer feel welcome and satisfied with their sheet metal project while being transparent, honest and helpful. We emphasize our customer relationships so they last a lifetime. 


We're always here to help! Our Rosedale team has extensive knowledge in our industry and is always ready to listen and help you through your project. Our detailed approach ensures we are able to handle all simple and complex creations with accuracy, on time and within budget. 

20+ years experience

Being in business as sheet metal suppliers in Calgary since 2002, we have developed and nurtured the company we are today. Our hands on expertise, knowledge of various metals and passion for helping clients help us stand out from other sheet metal suppliers in Calgary. Our goal will always be to produce quality material for every order.

The Only Calgary Sheet Metal Fabricator You’ll Ever Need 

Family values. High quality workmanship. Confident and precise attention to detail. Timely, top tier service. Friendly and transparent customer care. You’ll experience all this - and much more - when coming to Rosedale for your custom sheet metal fabrication. We emphasize the importance of family values when operating with our customers, putting their best interests first in our process, while nurturing relationships that last a lifetime. With a focus on timely creation and delivering top tier products, you can expect the premium service you deserve from the best sheet metal supplier in Calgary

Custom Products From Your Trusted Sheet Metal Fabricator in Calgary

Our expertise and firsthand knowledge in forming metal into simple and complex shapes make us the leading sheet metal supplier in Calgary to create custom made products for your exact needs. All that is required from you is the specific requirements for your products, and our Red Seal journeymen, sheet metal welders will work tirelessly to design, manufacture and finalize them. There is no limit to what we can do for our clients. 

  • HVAC Custom Products 

  • Large Volume of HVAC Stock Items 

  • Other HVAC Related Consumables

  • Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Ductwork 

  • Dust Collection Fabrication

  • RTU Stands

  • Custom Filter Racks

  • Curbs & Curb Adaptors

  • Spiral Ductwork - Fabricated & Stocked

  • Plenums & Plenum Adaptors

  • Chimney Chase Caps

  • Firepit & Fireplace Surroundings

  • Galvanized & Satin Coat Louvers

  • Workshop Tabletops

Expert Sheet Metal Supplier in Calgary

To be the best, you have to work with the best. That’s something that Rosedale can do with ease. We have extensive hands on experience with forming, roll forming, spot, tig and mig welding various types of metals. Using stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and galvanized sheet metal, we can make your custom products exactly how you want them to be. We are the experts in all forms of sheet metal fabrication in Calgary that you can trust.

  • Galvanized Metal

  • Stainless Steel

  • Satin Coat

  • Aluminum

  • Steel



"Great services, Our no.1 metal shop in Calgary.. Thanks Mark!"

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Your Custom Sheet Metal Fabricator in Calgary! 

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