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Our Roots

Being a family business is hard work, but it has allowed us to nourish our strengths while keeping our company values strong. As all of our customers, team members and vendors are family to us, this is a company value we never want to let fade.

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Where We Started

When James and Kim took over Rosedale Sheet Metal in 2002, they relied on their passion, skills and motivation to create a successful shop. Being a young family and starting a business is a large commitment. Many times, working 18+ hours in a day was the new normal and made for some long days and years. Working hard for your dream can be tiring, but makes the end result so much more valuable. 


The long hours and dedication gave Rosedale the ability to shape into who we are today. We are proud to be a strong and reliable member of the sheet metal industry.

Our Values

To say we value family is an understatement. It is one of our most important values that sets us apart from many businesses - and we're proud of it! We consider our team to be family as well as many of our customers. This has allowed us to nurture our relationships and strong customer service.

Having our family values in mind allows us to maintain top notch customer service. Our customers and staff truly come first and we always strive to treat everyone who enters our doors feel welcome and included. 

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sheet metal companies calgary

Our Quality

As a trusted sheet metal manufacturer and supplier, we pride ourselves on providing quality products. This starts with having our knowledgeable staff ready to help you get your project made. 


We work with companies that have the same high standards that we do, so you can guarantee that your product will be top notch.

We believe quality products are the key to having a quality end result!

Our Team

Our team at Rosedale is awesome! When you have a team as good as ours, you know you will be taken care of. The dedication and pride that all of our members have makes our shop the 

In our years of business, we have grown many skilled people. While some have gone onto other endeavors, we are happy knowing we have trained some of the very best in Calgary!

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