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What We Do

Our passion is all things sheet metal. Our shop is composed of a team that prides themselves in quality made products for everyone's needs. We're dedicated to making your project come to life. 

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As a trusted HVAC manufacturer and supplier, we pride ourselves on providing quality products. We believe that quality HVAC supplies will lead to a quality end product. Our team members are knowledgeable in providing solutions to any of your HVAC questions!

We have tackled many projects and have been fabricating many custom jobs over the years. Whether you're looking for a kickplates, fenders, custom grills or more, let us help bring your metal project to life.

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Our shop has fabricated many artwork projects over the years. Whether you're looking for a firepit, personalized signs, gates or more, we love to help with your artwork project. Check out our completed RSM Artwork projects for inspiration!

The R-Corner® was invented to fill a void in closing flanged end on fittings while producing a reinforced product. These small but mighty corners are used to keep your flanges sturdy and durable.

stainless steel sheet metal
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