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Galvanized Sheet Metal Fabrication in Calgary

Your Pros for Custom Made Galvanized Sheet Metal

At Rosedale Sheet Metal, we’ll create high quality, custom-made products, exactly how you want them. Made with high quality galvanized metal, and made with your specific requirements in mind, you’ll get the high standard products you need for your contracting or project requirements, within the timeframe you need them. Our expertise and knowledge mean that we can handle all custom products you want with precision and quality. For fabricated galvanized sheet metal in Calgary, look no further than Rosedale. 

galvanized sheet metal calgary

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The Advantages of Galvanized Sheet Metal in Calgary 

Less maintenance and no long-term costs, longer lifespan, reliable and durable, and offering protection against weather damage are some of the key advantages to choosing galvanized metal for your custom product. At Rosedale, you can experience the benefits of this amazing metal with our detailed approach to customized fabrication. 

  • HVAC Custom Products,

  • Curbs & Curb Adaptors

  • HVAC Stock Items

  • Spiral

  • Plenums & Plenum Adaptors,

  • Chimney Chase Caps,

  • And Much More!

galvanized sheet metal calgary
sheet metal fabrication calgary
The Only Experts You Need For Metal Fabrication 

Our success over the past 20 years has been built on delivering high quality products for our customers while creating and maintaining personal relationships. We know that only by building trust and relationships can we continuously deliver what you want, when you need it! Our timely and fast service, coupled with our attention to detail, means we never sacrifice quality, ensuring you get the best products or specialty metals in the market. Whether you need galvanized steel sheet or satin coat products, we're the only experts you ever need.  

Other Metals We Work With…

  • Stainless Steel

  • Satin Coat 

  • Aluminum

  • Steel


What is the best metal to use outdoors?

While most metals are durable for outdoor use, galvanized metal is the best option. Its durable qualities mean it can outlast against external weather conditions without rusting. 

What is the thickest gauge can you cut?

Currently, we can brake, form and shear galvanized metal from between 26ga and 10ga. Our galvanized sheet metal in Calgary can be roll formed, spotwelded and mig welded.

Does galvanized metal rust?

No, it does not! It’s one of the most durable materials available. It's commonly used for outdoor products.

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