HVAC Products

At Rosedale, we both manufacture and carry commercial HVAC products that are high quality. While our specialty is in commercial sheet metal, we also carry some residential material to get you through your project. We understand that time is money and getting quality products saves time!

HVAC Products

We carry a wide range of fittings and fasteners for our HVAC customers:

      - Pipe

      - Elbows

      - Flex

      - Connectors

Our shop has access to this and much more!

HVAC Fittings
Spiral Elbows
Plenum Adaptor
Tl Flex
Plenum Panels
Snaplock Pipe
Spiral Pipe
Foil Flex

   - Cleats and Angle 

   - Fasteners

   - Reducers

   - Take Offs

Spiral Machine

In 2018, we added a ISM D-Max spiral machine to our shop and we're now pumping out spiral!

Our machine can make 4" to 36" spiral in 28ga to 18ga with the availability of up to 88" round.


For larger or specialty sizes, please contact us.

HVAC Products & Projects

While our shelves are stocked with many stock fittings, our shop is equipped to make whatever your custom material your job needs.


Our knowledgeable team is ready to help you through your sheet metal project.

HVAC Fittings
Concrete Mould
r corner on duct
Huge Square to Round
Curb Adaptor
Plenum Adaptor
Plenum Panels
Custom Elbow