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Improve your business’ operations with Rosedale’s steel sheet metal fabrication. As the leading and most well-respected sheet metal suppliers in Calgary, we can design and build high-quality products made from steel sheet metal that elevate your business’ operations while offering a premium customer experience. We’re experts in steel metal fabrication, delivering top-tier workmanship with a focus on details. Get the perfectly designed product to improve your business with us.


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The Benefits of Custom Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication  

Enhanced customizations that improve your business’ services, increased delivery time and efficiency, and the use of high-quality steel sheet metals are some of the advantages of getting customized fabrication with us. Significantly, while there are many precut, high-production steel metal products available, they fit “standard” sizes. With us, you’ll get custom steel metal products that are designed for each unique aspect of your services or products, offering better compatibility, maintenance and performance.

  • HVAC Custom Products

  • Commercial Kitchen Exhaust

  • Ductwork 

  • Wall Art

  • Firepits

  • RTU Stands

  • Table Tops

  • Fence Panels 

  • Custom Grates 

  • Custom Filter Racks

The Only Experts You Need For Metal Fabrication 

Since 2003, we have built trust and strong relationships with multiple contractors and businesses in major Canadian industries, offering top-quality custom products that are designed for their unique requirements. You can now join them. Regardless of whether you need one prototype or a full production run of a custom product, the family-owned and operated team at Rosedale can do it for you, ensuring you experience a better, faster and more effective service. 

Metals We Work With…

  • Galvanized Sheet Metal

  • Stainless Steel

  • Satin Coat

  • Aluminum

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What kind of steel sheet can you work with?

Our knowledge and experience with steel metal sheets means we can brake, shear, form and mig welded them into your desired custom creation. There is no limit to what we can offer you. 

What size steel gauges can you work with? 

Our extensive experience means we can work with various gauges of steel sheets, anything from 10ga to 16ga.

I heard that you can fabricate kitchen exhaust ductwork made with steel sheets?

Indeed, you can - and we can do it for you. We have created numerous residential and commercial kitchen kitchen exhaust ductworks for our clients, varying in size and dimensions. You can now get the same from us.