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What's New at Rosedale

Being a company that enjoys trying new things and creating with metal, we always have something on the go.

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R Corners® are Here!

These small but mighty corners are a hit in our industry!


The R-Corner® was invented to fill a void in closing flanged corners on fittings while creating a strong, reinforced product.

In addition to creating a strong and reinforced product, these corners are easy to install in the shop or on a jobsite and show a clean final product.


Why use an R-Corner®?

• Unassembled product takes up less space for shops & jobsites

• Fills flange sizes from ½” to 4” (custom sizes & gauges available)

• Can be installed on jobsite with hand seamers or hammer

• Can ship duct flat to save on crane/shipping space

• Takes a fraction of time compared to spot welding

• Closes flanged ends on duct drops, fittings and fire damper sleeves

Come by and see them in action today!


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