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What's New at Rosedale

Being a company that enjoys trying new things and creating with metal, we always have something on the go.

Follow what's happening at Rosedale! 

Firepit Fun


As we gear up for the summer months, planning how we will be spending more quality time in the great outdoors is huge. Whether you enjoy staying home or heading out to your campsite, we have many firepits that suit your lifestyle!

Whether it's for your yard or to bring camping, we have something for everyone. Personalized round pits, knockdown portable firepits, pyramid firepits and many more.

Let us bring your inspiration to life!

Fire Tips

With firepits, its always important to remember the bylaws in place to ensure everyone's safety. Here are some important things to consider before planning your firepit!

  • Carefully consider the placement of your firepit before we make it. It should be in an ideal place for entertaining your entire crew, but remember to place it away from trees, at least 2m from buildings and it should never sit on or be near flammable items.

  • Having a spark guard for your firepit is a requirement for many areas, including the City of Calgary. We can help you with these too!

  • Always check the guidelines in your area and look for any fire bans in place.

  • Burning clean, dry firewood is a must! Burning other types of wood or items can cause serious health and environmental problems.

  • Familiarize yourself with your city's firepit hours and always check the weather conditions before your fire. Nobody wants to have a fire when its really windy!

All fires require continuous supervision. Never leave a firepit unattended!


Rosedale Sheet Metal is not responsible for any damages or injuries cause by metalwork once it leaves our premises. When material leaves our shop, it is out of our control. Compensation for events that occur with our product is the responsibility of the customer.


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